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AL-Quds in the heart of Palestine and the nation:

Support for the Palestinian resistance maqdisie

On the occasion of Jewish holidays, the Zionist entity has started to implement the sharing in time the al-Aqsa mosque for two days, the Muslim faithful were forbidden to enter the mosque, while settlers came in droves. The sharing of the place has also been set up: the settlers rushed towards the Dome of the Rock, and when Muslims were allowed to enter (over 50 years) they could not pray in the mosque al Qibali, located in the southern part of the al-Aqsa mosque. The al-Aqsa Mosque is being shared by small strokes, and regimes of the Arab League and the Islamic Council believe fulfill their duties by publishing press releases, where they claim to international bodies to fulfill their responsibilities, c that is to say let's colonial entity. Moreover, the most important excavation work by the occupant in Wadi Helwa, reach their final phase by the systematic destruction of Muslim and Arab remains, dating to the Canaanite period, Abbasid and Ottoman, but still no trace Jewish vestiges, despite the depth of 20 meters.

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The colonial state of organizations are discussing the "Jewish sovereignty" over the Al-Aqsa Mosque, despite Jordanian and Arab protests. Although the discussion in the Zionist Knesset has resulted in no decision, the fact of raising the issue represents a serious danger to the holy sites in occupied Palestine. The Zionist MP Miri Rigev also said it intends to form a commission to study the reasons that prevent the Jews "to enter the al-Aqsa Mosque," Whereas the Jews must enter them three to five hours per day.

The occupation is planning to silence the calls to prayer from mosques in the city of al-Quds. Claiming the peace and quiet of the settlers, the whole of occupied Palestine that is subject to this measure. The General Mufti of al-Quds and Palestinian lands denounced the plan, saying that the mosques are an Islamic waqf, and no one has the right to intervene in their management. For Muslim-Christian council to support al-Quds, this decision is an aggression and a violation of international law.

Occupied Al-Quds: Palestinian resistance
Facing the prohibition to enter the al-Aqsa mosque, Friday, February 28, hundreds of faithful were keen to perform their prayers in front of the mosque, while thousands of young people have made their prayers before military roadblocks.

The 24/2, students confront the forces of occupation in passing She'fat, when they caused the young demanding their identity cards, before going to their schools. Police fired tear gas to disperse the youths, dozens of students were asphyxiated and a 10 year old child was hit by a rubber bullet. Clashes took place on 22/2 between youth and the forces of occupation on the way al-Wad, in the old town.

The Fateh movement in the city of al-Quds called on the population to defend the Aqsa Mosque against repeated attacks. Ahmad Assaf, Fatah spokesman said that "al-Aqsa mosque is part of our doctrine and our constant, it can not be a Palestinian, Arab and Islamic".

The Department of Arab relations in the PLO considered that the marathon under the occupation in the city of al-Quds is "a characterized aggression and a challenge to international law." He called for the boycott of the marathon and the wider media campaign can to make it fail.

The director of the al-Aqsa mosque, Najeh Bkayrat, said that "negotiations on which insists the AP provide coverage to the occupant to continue his assault.

A member of the Hamas political bureau, Mahmoud Zahhar, said that resistance could only stop the Zionist aggression against al-Aqsa mosque and the city of al-Quds.